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About WCEW

The Foundation for Women and Children Enslaved in War (WCEW) is a 501(c)(3) organization established in Washington DC.  We were formed in 2017 with the intent of providing grants to organizations that serve survivors of human trafficking.  We expanded our mission in 2021 to include capacity building with partner organizations, and research and publication.

WCEW collaborates with non-profit organizations to support their internal capacity to secure external resources essential to fulfilling their mission and achieving their goals.  These resources may be in the form of grants, project-related donations, or in-kind contributions from various funding sources.  The primary objective of this program is to secure the long-term sustainability, flexibility, and innovation of non-profits, promoting organizational assessments that can lead to program enhancements and benefits for clients.

WCEW offers three programmatic initiatives focused on capacity-building:  Grant Writer Training, Grant Development and Consultation, and Small Grant Making.  These programs are designed to scale up for larger grant opportunities offered by agencies and institutions, or to work at smaller scales to secure project-related donations at the community level. 

WCEW also engages in research and publication focused on understanding “what works” for survivor recovery.   We endeavor to post our research results on this website.  WCEW seeks the inclusion of diverse people in all aspects of our organization’s activity.

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